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The Aquarius Collection is a magical & Innovative set of crystal & CBD-infused products created to harness, enhance, & soften the energy of the astrological sign, Aquarius.

Gift these sacred body oils and bath bombs to your favorite Aquarius, or use them to help you navigate Aquarius season, or anytime you want to harness the energy of the innovative, community-minded, visionary of the zodiac.

Learn More about the Aquarius Collection Below.

Aquarius Body Oil
Aquarius body oil.png

When the moment calls for innovation and the dawn of a new era, anoint yourself with our sacred CBD-infused body oil, meticulously crafted to enhance and channel the energy of the astrological sign, Aquarius.​

Aquamarine is a stone of courage that calms the mind and encourages confidence. It can bring the air sign, Aquarius, back down to earth while enhancing their natural affinity to serve the greater good, one of the Aquarian superpowers. Bright grapefruit essential oil energizes and enlivens the spirit. Herbal rosemary aids in the flow of aligned, conscious thought while easing stress. You will absorb the energy of the crystals, as well as the CBD and essential oils, whenever you use this body oil. We recommend using it in intention-setting rituals (you can find ours below!) or anytime you want to harness the energy of the innovator. Keep it with you when you are brainstorming, collaborating, or envisioning a personal and collective future that is aligned and supported for all.

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Aquarius Bath Bomb
Aquarius bath bomb.png

Embrace your inner visionary and immerse yourself in the energy of Aquarius with our indulgent handmade bath bomb. Enriched with calming CBD, the heightening and healing essence of bloodstone, and a purposeful blend of rosemary and grapefruit, this celestial concoction rejuvenates your spirit and melts away stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired.

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Aquarius Bundle
Aquarius Bundle.png

Navigate the innovative energy of Aquarius Season with the Aquarius Bundle. Each magical set includes a Bloodstone Crystal and CBD-Infused Bath Bomb, a Aquamarine & CBD-Infused Body Oil, as well as a unique Aquarius Ritual. It's a perfect gift for your favorite Aquarius or a beautiful way to harness the energy of Aquarius season. 

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Aquarius Ritual

We created a beautiful Aquarius ritual in collaboration with Radiance Astrology.

Aquarius Ritual (3).png
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