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Certificates of Analysis

At Cosmic Candies, third-party testing is an integral part of our production process. Our goal is to ensure you receive top-quality products with the ultimate potency, accuracy, and consistency. To access a Certificate of Analysis for any of our products, please select the product type and find the batch number below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Delta-8 Gummies

Batch: 901

Batch: 903

Batch: 904

Batch: 905

Batch: 906

Batch: 907

Batch: 908

Batch: M900

Batch: S900

Batch: O900

Batch: M901

Batch: S901

Batch: O901

Delta-8 Galaxy Gummies

Batch: 902

Batch: 1001

Batch: 1002

Batch: G1000

Batch: G1001

Delta-9 Gummies

Batch: C2001

 Delta-8 Rice Treats

Batch: 3001

Batch: 3002

Batch: 3003

Batch: 3004

Batch: 3005

Batch: 3006

Batch: 3007

Batch: 3008

Batch: 3009

Batch: R3000

Batch: F3000

Batch: C3000

Batch: R3001

Batch: F3001

Batch: C3001

 Delta-8 Space Balls

Batch: 4001

Batch: 4002

Batch: 4003

Batch: 4004

Batch: 4005

Batch: 4006

Batch: 4007

Batch: O4000

Batch: R4000

Batch: C4000

Batch: O4001


Delta-8 Drinks

Batch: 8D1000

Delta-9 Drinks

Batch: 9D1000

CBD Gummies

Batch: G1000

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