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The Aries Collection is a magical & courageous set of crystal & CBD-infused products created to harness, enhance, & soften the energy of the astrological sign, Aries.

Gift these sacred body oils and bath bombs to your favorite Aries, use them to help you navigate Aries season, or anytime you want to harness the energy of the courageous and confident initiator.

Learn More about the Aries Collection Below.

Aries Body Oil

Prepare to ignite your inner fire and find grounding with our sacred crystal & CBD-infused body oil, meticulously crafted to amplify, channel, and soften the dynamic energy of the astrological sign, Aries.

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Aries Bath Bomb

Indulge in a celestial bath experience that combines deep relaxation with the bold courage and confidence of the zodiac's initiator, Aries. Recharge your creativity and passion with our handmade bath bomb infused with 100 mg of calming CBD, fiery carnelian to ignite creativity, passion, and self-empowerment, and a thoughtful fusion of sweet pea and honeysuckle to soothe nerves and melt away stress.​

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Aries Bundle
Aries Bundle.png

Includes the Aries Body Oil, Bath Bomb, and Fiery Aries Ritual at the best price available. 

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Aries Ritual

We created a beautiful Aries ritual in collaboration with Radiance Astrology.

Aries Ritual.png
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